• Hookah Smoking Tips & Tricks

    If you are trying to smoke hookah for the first time, you would need some suggestions for a successful smoking session. But if you are an experienced hookah smoker, you would like to know some tricks for the same. There are many head shops in Peoria, Arizona that provides a variety of tobacco flavors and smoking instruments. If you are planning to host a hookah party or want to be a part of one such interesting session, here are some tips and tricks you can try to make best of the time:

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  • Hookah Set-Up Guide


    Charcoal Screen: Used as a placeholder for the charcoal so it does come to direct contact with the shisha.
    Clay Bowl: Used as a placeholder for the shisha. Remember to pack the shisha loosely.
    Bowl Grommet: Keeps the bowl air tight.
    Tray or Ash Catcher: Also referred to as an ash catcher which is exactly what it does.
    Shaft or Stem: This is the main part of the hookah. Smoke travels from the bowl to the base by the way of the shaft.

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    Try mixing different flavors of tobacco to get a unique taste everytime, a few good ones are (strawberry & banana), (apple & strawberry), (peach & melon), (mint & cappuccino). You can use your imagination to make your own combination with any of the many flavors we carry, and please let us know if you have a good one that you would like to share with us.

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